Who we are


Swipe is a digital studio, based in Hamburg. We develop brand experiences that touch people, anywhere, at any time – on their mobile devices.

We explore the opportunities mobile brands offer, thanks to their proximity to their target audience. And we use this knowledge to come up with new ideas that work, independently of the medium or platform.

We cover every discipline. Our creative planners, designers, programmers and marketers all sit together at the same table. That makes us fast – and good. Because the best ideas are created by direct interaction.

It’s a principle that’s proven itself. Among those brands that put their trust in us we are proud to count BMW, brand eins, Der Spiegel, IWC, Evonik, RWE, and some others that we prefer not to name.

Swipe was founded in 2010 by Jürgen Alker and Sven Schmiede.

Jürgen Alker

Before Jürgen teamed up with Sven Schmiede to found Swipe, in 2010, he honed his branding expertise working for both agencies and corporate clients. As a senior account manager at Germany’s leading creative advertising agency, Jung von Matt, he handled clients from the automotive industry such as BMW and MINI, the latter worldwide. As Marketing Manager and Brand Director Europe, he was behind the development of leading US-based brands such as Eastpak and Dickies in Germany and Europe. He shares his experience and thoughts in his blog and on Twitter.

Sven Schmiede

Sven is a production professional who takes an integrated approach to his work. He learned his trade at creative agencies such as Leagas Delaney and Jung von Matt. Instead of applying other people’s design ideas and relying on standard technologies, he incorporates design and technological innovations from the very beginning of the process, in order to come up with creative innovations.