Who we are

Julian Baumann
Lars Richrath

We are Swipe - a digital studio from Hamburg. We are consultants, concepters, designers, developers and marketers. Together we create solutions for the mobile era. We are masters at finding the means to do so - or inventing them.

We have gained the trust of brands such as Harrods, Red Bull, BMW, brand eins, Der Spiegel, Occhio, IWC and others that we cannot name. Every day we ask ourselves: where does ‘the mobile’ go from here? We’re ready to face your questions as well.

Sven and Jürgen

Pioneers, thinkers and doers. Experienced, professional, individual, engaging, ambitious, surprising, interested and inquisitive, just as they were at the very beginning. Jürgen Alker and Sven Schmiede - the founders of Swipe.

15.6 metres

Collaborative working means new goals can be reached more quickly. Directly exchanging views, inspiring, helping, supporting and challenging: this is why we share one long table. We have done this from the beginning - and no matter how big we grow, we will keep doing it.

One more thing

What makes the difference between good and better? How do you make more from less? The possible from the impossible? Where does magic come from? Fascination? How do new possibilities turn into new solutions? Maybe that's what drives us all. Passion.