500 icons in a single app

Lingua Digitalis
Concept and Design
SinnerSchrader Swipe


The Mutabor design agency’s Lingua range of books has been presenting extraordinary icon design since 2001. Following two editions, in 2001 and 2004, in 2012 it was high time for a third edition, featuring over 500 new icons. Right from the beginning, an iPad version was planned to appear at the same time as the book.

But how do you transfer the third edition of the Lingua book series to the iPad? And in such a way that it’s not just a simple adaptation of the book, but that is really designed on the basis of the iPad and exploits the advantages of a tablet, including gesture control?


The Lingua Digitalis app is designed from the bottom up specifically for the iPad. The focus is on intuitive operation, to make it as easy as possible to browse through the 500 icons. Additional features fully take advantage of the opportunities offered by the iPad.

In the workshop, users can learn how to design icons, using 15 interactive exercises. Each icon can be rated with up to five stars and, in this way, added to Favorites lists. A search function, coupled with Twitter and Facebook sharing, complete the app.


The home page gives the user direct access to all chapters of the app.


The navigation can be called up in the upper left corner of the screen on every page of the app simply by tapping it with your finger. But users can also navigate to the right or left to the next or previous chapter simply by swiping the screen.


Just how is an icon designed? That’s what we show people in the Workshop chapter. The chapter contains 15 exercises that enable users to understand how icons are created.

Icon catalogue

The catalogue provides a view of all 500 icons using small thumbnails.


All of the icons are tagged, enabling people to search for specific icons using the integrated search function.


Each icon can be given a rating of between one and five stars, enabling the icon to make its way into the Favorites list, where it can be sorted by name or rating.

With SinnerSchrader Swipe, we had exactly the right partner to bring the concept of the analogue Lingua book series into the digital world, and to extend it.

Patrick Molinari

Creative Diretor, Mutabor