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The Red Bulletin is a magazine published by the Red Bull Media House: month by month, it tells breath-taking stories from the world of Red Bull pertaining to action, sports, adventures, art and music. The Red Bulletin offers a wide spectrum of international topics without letting local interests slide.

The journalistic concept pursues the idea of Visual Storytelling: remarkable texts, marvelously written and researched, combined with fascinating photos lead to undiluted reading pleasure thanks to an unusual design. The target group is male, young, dynamic, international and seen mainly cruising the digital world.

It’s there that we want to reach them – but a respective digital presence has so far not been available. The first step: a website that works multilingually on all devices. So how do we digitalize The Red Bulletin, how do we arrange the site in such a modern, forward-looking, technical and optically high-quality way that it can live up to the Red Bull brand, the extraordinary lifestyle idea and the contents of the printed magazine?

It was our aspiration to create a platform that would excite the Red Bulletin target group (and advertising customers) across the globe. Over and above this: the high technical requirements included the fast and simple display of all contents of the printed edition as well as video stories and up-to-date articles with country-specific emphasis.


In its technology and design, is what the printed magazine promises as regards its content: Beyond the Ordinary. The layout for the digitally processed content was structured clearly and held simple, colors and fonts were redefined without losing sight of the magazine’s DNA in the process, the optics for visual storytelling given lots of space.

On the opening page, photos are liberally extended across the entire width of the screen, with the user immediately landing in the Red Bulletin world. The backend is laid out in modular architecture and can be combined and added to as required. The individual layout elements are organized in a flexible manner so that the regional content managers can determine the weighting of the pieces and add topical contents with next to no effort; in six languages!

So as to be able to reproduce all print contents, we’ve defined all of the magazine elements – from headline to information box – for each device. The design is set out responsively; the website’s visual appearance – text and image – automatically adapts to each end device (laptop, tablet, smart phone). And: in order to lose oneself in the RedBulletin topics, but not on the page, we’ve deliberately kept navigation simple.


Amongst others, we use VelocityJS for high-performance animations on the homepage.


As a special highlight, the editor is able to take up the “Video Story”, with which it is possible to create large-format interactive narratives in a short space of time.

The site stands for state-of-the-art digital magazine journalism. The implementation of the contents yields impressive optics and intelligent navigation, particularly on mobile terminal devices, and has these run into the social networks on a broad scale. The journalistic excellence of The Red Bulletin is ideally conveyed on the net as a result.

Wolfgang Winter

General Manger Red Bull Media House Publishing