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SinnerSchrader Swipe


SPIEGELdaily is a brand new product by SPIEGEL. An app that, everyday at 5 p.m., neatly provides readers the most important news of the day on each and any device. The best from SPIEGEL and SPIEGEL ONLINE. Lovingly curated, partly aggregated, partly rewritten. With profound background information, personalised sections, direct exchange with authors and real-time surveys. The target was, in conjunction with the editorial office, to develop, conceptually refine, design and implement this product.


By negotiating closely with the editors, a vision was forged that meets the modern standards. A lean, intuitive and fluid application with many innovative ideas such as a reading time display or a floating menu button. Created as AMP, it can meet all requirements on a technical scale, too. Cross-platform, it is also independent of the app stores, without sacrificing the experience of a native application. An app like a weekly magazine, except for everyday: SPIEGELdaily.


Always at hand: the floating menu button accompanies the reader everywhere – with the SPIEGEL “S” as a flagship. Fast navigation is thereby guaranteed on all levels of the app – especially because with its ergonomic positioning, it is always easily accessible.

Section: News

Better informed: with newsflashes and news tickers. The reports can be opened, background knowledge accessed – when the estimated reading time for the article is suitable for the moment, anyway. If not, they can simply be added as favourites and be read later.