Shoe Heaven

Stiletto Wars
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SinnerSchrader Swipe
SinnerSchrader Swipe
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A few months after digitalising the Harrods Magazine with the first native responsive app that can be edited via a CMS, London soon came up with a new challenge for us. With over 100,000 pairs of shoes, the upper floor of the department store was converted, literally, to a “Shoe Heaven” – the largest luxury shoe shop in the world.

The task at hand was to make this come alive in an interactive way in the September edition of the magazine. On smartphones and tablets, for iOS and Android – and as an extension of the classic campaign, which staged the diversity of the represented designers in 1920s style.


Added to the enthusiasm for shoes, there’s another female passion that perhaps is sometimes underestimated: gaming! “Stiletto Wars” works on the premise of the well-known and popular Bejeweled principle. Instead of illustrated diamonds, though, here it is necessary to combine the right shoes.

Whether horizontally or vertically – as soon as the player manages to bring three High Heels from the same set into a row, she makes points. Alongside the fun, another incentive is : a £500 voucher for one’s personal pair of dream shoes and other exclusive prizes. For us, the use of gamification in the magazine provided evidence of the remarkable achievement of the platform. Moreover, the client was pleased with the attention and the positive feedback that the campaign attracted – amongst female gamers, but also, in particular, in gaming, style and fashion blogs.


Points were given for rows of shoes; a new set launched via the shuffle button. Video and multi-variant sound design support the experience.

Innovative in so many ways. Concept, design and development. SinnerSchrader Swipe is the perfect partner for us.

Bob Devsi

Head of Digital Design, Harrods