World premiere.

SinnerSchrader Swipe
I Say, You Say
Concept and Design
SinnerSchrader Swipe
SinnerSchrader Swipe


For SinnerSchrader Swipe, 2015 began with a very special task – with a challenge that we set ourselves. The aim: to develop our own digital product. From the initial outline concepts through to the marketing opportunities, we wanted to plan and carry out the entire process ourselves. We sought to find something beyond just words to describe our way of thinking and working. We wanted to create something that would make it come alive for everyone.


Our line of thinking: we live in a period that provides us with ever more options. The drawback: we also need to take more and more decisions as a consequence ... so with I SAY, YOU SAY, we devised perhaps the fastest and most entertaining way to reach them. That is to say – with the help of friends. The app’s abiding principle: simply share a photo, question or a date with selected friends. Allow them to vote on it. And with their feedback, come to a decision at your own time. Even though the app is designed for a young target group, it is still ideal for all age groups. So if you’re one of those who say: decisions are not my thing! – we say: I SAY, YOU SAY.

With prototype to prototype.

Paper prototypes make the initial ideas tangible. In the further process, we tested and defined animations in detail using Origami.

Beautifully Simple.

Operating the app was to be kept as fast as possible. An important tool for this: animations and transitions that make the flow and functions come alive by intuition.

Show don’t tell.

Your best bet would be to try out the app, of course. This is just a small taste.